We will help guide you through the process from purchasing your stand, helping to organise the graphics and ensure a high quality print result, so you are ready for your exhibition.

Our modular display systems all come with a guarantee of quality, regardless of whether you spend £2,000 or £60.000 on one of these excellent and impactful display ideas. We also offer modular display systems for everyone’s needs, meaning that our displays range from small size (about 16m2) through to large, sprawling displays, up to a size of more than 36m2. Therefore, you can make exactly the impact you want to with our display systems!
What’s more, we don’t simply sell you the modular display systems – we will also give you a free CAD design service, therefore ensuring that your modular display system looks perfect and reflects your company in exactly the right way. We’ve done this for some of the biggest names in the country, such as Nestle, BBC and Sainsbury’s, so we know exactly how to work under the most extreme pressure! We also offer installation on modular display systems all over the country, from Cornwall through to Scotland.

We use in-house designers to ensure that all portable exhibition stands are unique and specific to your own needs. We can also simply supply stands without graphics, if you already have the graphics needed to make these stands a success.

A modular stand is essentially a large display area – how large is down to your personal preferences and needs – that can incorporate a number of features. There can be display posters, seating areas, desks, demo stations and all manner of different electronic devices included, and we will work with you to ascertain which you need. What’s more, we’ll also install your modular stand for you anywhere in the country, meaning that you needn’t worry about a thing when you purchase a modular stand from us!

Promoting a business is the most important thing you can possibly do – without the right promotional tools, a business will never be able to reach its full potential. When you purchase modular promotional stands from us though, you will find yourself with the perfect way to promote your company to the world – a professional, yet affordable, way to get your message across and draw attention to your brand. Essentially, you can promote your business in any way possible with modular promotional stands – if you have an idea, we’ll make it happen!

While we pride ourselves in offering unique modular displays, we also offer lots of different modular display packages as well – essentially packages that are already designed and ready to go, without the need for the design process before creation. This means that you can order a modular display package and have the product delivered and installed (if required) in no time at all! This is therefore perfect for those working on a short timescale and also to a tight budget – a modular display package comes with massive discounts.
Of course, a modular display package will still look unique though, as you will be able to add your own graphics and personal touches to it. Therefore, nobody will ever know that it hasn’t been specially designed for you. The fact that we only allow products that meet our strict design guidelines to be sold also means that you know you’ll get a product that is of the highest standard. So, call us today to find our which modular display package suits you best!

Our experience in designing custom exhibition stands spans a number of years, and in this time we’ve worked with a number of massive clients including the London Olympics, Hilton, Suzuki and Marks & Spencer. They’ve been more than impressed with our service, and we know you will love our custom exhibition stands too!

We employ a staff of professional designers here at Discount Displays, therefore meaning that you can be guaranteed you’ll get an excellent exhibition stand; a stand that does everything you could possibly want.
Our process for creating an exhibition stand design is a simple, yet effective, one. We take all your ideas and ask about your needs, then pass on these ideas to the design team. They then produce a detailed design, which you can then review and approve. If you want any changes, that’s no problem – let us know, and they’ll be changed straight away. The exhibition stand design will then be turned into reality, before then being installed at a location of your choice. Getting a bespoke exhibition stand couldn’t be easier when you come to us!



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